We invest in dreams and people.
Some of our existing investments include:

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About Us

The Milky Way Fund invests in 2-3 pre-revenue, early start-up or semi-established businesses that utilise technology each year.

Since being established in 2012, the fund has invested over $1.5m USD into a multitude of projects. A typical investment ranges from $50k-$250k USD.

Today, the fund works with its management arm called Buildonauts Limited based in Hong Kong.

How we work

Through our Buildonauts arm, we are very hands-on and work in close collaboration with the Founder(s) and team. We advise and even provide resources for areas, such as marketing, web and app development, product development, growth strategy, financing, legal and recruitment.

Our communication style is direct and straightforward, valuing mutual respect and integrity through all actions.

Who we invest in

Ideas are a dime a dozen; for Milky Way, it’s down to execution. We aim to invest in ambitious, driven and focused Founders. We believe the people, leadership and passion behind the idea are essential to the success of a business.

Please take the time to write your application carefully and we look forward to reading your story.